In sixty years, the world is a different place.  By 2080,  the Artificial Superior Intelligence changes everything, exercising its primary objective  to maximise biodiversity.  Vast bubbles arise overnight, enclosing most humans in isolated biomes, arresting climate change.    This is the story of one such biome, the rural community of NE47. 

This portfolio showcases various projects created with Biome NE47 or associated content.

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Also by Larry Winger

All proceeds from the sale of this book, a physical presentation of the year-long blog: AllendaleDiary.org, a day by day account of real life in this patch in the year before the pandemic, go to good causes, as distributed by the Allendale Lions Club.

As Biome NE47: Prequel develops, the story moves toward the main novel. You might be pleasantly surprised at the synergy that can develop between author and reader, as beloved characters are developed. The main novel, for example, has gone through six separate drafts thanks to copious and friendly comments and criticism, until it’s finally been honed for public presentation.

Prequel is reaching the completion of the first draft, by the end of April, 2021, with its launch anticipated for June. Throughout May, it’ll be a month of finessing, and then a dedicated recording session during June and into the summer. In the meantime, if you’ve read Fragments of a Song, do contact the author with comments, criticism, applause!

Let’s build something together.

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