An emotional crunch

As I finished, or thought I was finishing, Chapter 5 of Biome NE47: Prequel, I looked back over the 50k words laid down so far, and thought, this is all very pedantic, a set of semi-intriguing strands to pull together, but . . . . . . . Where’s the drama? Or, rather, where’s the… Continue reading An emotional crunch

Chapter 4 and beyond

I can feel the doldrums coming. Halfway through Biome NE47, I felt overwhelmed by despair: this story would never resolve itself. As Margaret Atwood mentioned in a recent Guardian Book Club, novel writing is a kind of hacking through. It’s a necessary chore. Now just at the halfway point of Prequel, with all the components… Continue reading Chapter 4 and beyond

Audio refinements

With the clever cuboid acoustic foam covering, over my Blue Yeti microphone, the ambient background noise is dramatically reduced, and the popshield seems to eliminate plosives as well! A little tidier than my sello-taped flyswatter, I think. Placement of an iPad at eye-level, with the laptop running the Garageband recording software, means that I can… Continue reading Audio refinements