Getting seen

For a writer, just getting seen, or read as it were, is pretty much de rigeur, although writing in a vacuum has its advantages too. But I think most writers have some sort of an audience in mind, whether it’s their younger (or older!) selves, family, friends, community members, or a wider catchment. I feel… Continue reading Getting seen

Roads To Joy

Following on from my thoughts on consolidation, and considering the things that I know about, I’ve decided to launch a new blog. The idea is that this new blog, exploring a personal quest for happiness, might present some of the more general interest facets of my previous and ongoing online writing efforts from:, BiomeNE47,.com,… Continue reading Roads To Joy

Thinking consolidation . . .

So I’ve been thinking, what am I doing with the various blogs and topics and thoughts that I’ve been putting down over the past three years? I’ve got three separate blogs: was a daily diary of ‘A Year in the Life of a Northumbrian Community’ during 2019. Now serving as a public resource and… Continue reading Thinking consolidation . . .

How’s the book going?

A question I don’t get asked too often, to be honest. But thank goodness for that — being a kind of incognito writer has its own advantages. Nobody really knows what you’re up to, and as you pursue your daily life, doing errands, a bit of DIY, taking care of the chickens, it’s easy to… Continue reading How’s the book going?

Being accessible

I’d like to think I’m an easy-going kind of guy, but I probably have my own shell of reserve within which I feel comfortable. But two components of accessibility have intrigued me over the past few days, and in exploring this matter I’ve discovered that readers’ access to content and to meaning may not be… Continue reading Being accessible

That cusp . . .

The Christmas cactus bloomed right on schedule this year, and then later, during the 12 days of Christmas, the snow fell all soft and fluffy. It’s the cusp time, when thoughts turn to the ambitions for the year ahead, after the reflections on the past one have been consolidated. I’ve written my first poem of… Continue reading That cusp . . .