Beginning to think Sequel

It’s really feeling like the first two novels of the Biome NE47 series are safely in bed now, as the promotions window winds down to launch. Thereafter the calendar of events is meant to follow a logical schedule. My daily task should be, then, to get going with the audio versions, refine my recording and… Continue reading Beginning to think Sequel

Target: 1st of May

I’ve set up the crucial accounts (MailChimp and BookFunnel), elicited some lovely beta-testers to assess the service, finessed and titivated the taster to create the best ‘come-hither’ reading experience I can manage, and now, a week hence, I expect to launch the free offering of Fragments of a Song out to the wider local region.… Continue reading Target: 1st of May

Testing the feeds

Editing aside, some of the more daunting tasks involved in presenting one’s writing creation to the public have to be the components of the morass, the absolute maze, of the navigation through to the goal of successful self-publishing on the big worldwide platforms. It’s taken me months to figure out the appropriate steps. When those… Continue reading Testing the feeds

Editing joys . . .

Earlier this morning I went through my editing task for the final two chapters of Prequel, and I thought, ah ha, that’s actually sorted. But I hadn’t reckoned on the Synopsis. A Synopsis really doesn’t figure in an eBook, I know. But I’ve found it helpful when looking at the project as a whole, to… Continue reading Editing joys . . .

Getting the eBug today

This morning I thought I’d re-configure the cover that I put together for the first drafts of Biome NE47. The simple slab of an eBook cover needs to be dynamic, exciting, attractive and compelling. The browser must really need to look closer. I’m very optimistic about the cover, but after compiling it together with the… Continue reading Getting the eBug today

eBook research

I’ve held off on generating any prototype eBooks until I had a sense of the right cover image for them. Yes, ‘them’ as it were; the bonfire in the square is an obvious candidate for what I think of as ‘the main event,’ the first and most elaborate novel written in the Biome NE47 series.… Continue reading eBook research

The marketing gambit

The world of the independent self-publisher is a strange and tangled one of intrigue and invigilation. It’s taken me months to get my head around the strategy. It’s not that the kind advice proffered by Jericho Writers is confusing, which it isn’t, but it’s rather that there’s so much to learn and do before you… Continue reading The marketing gambit

A wrap for the first draft

After the little crunch a fortnight ago, when the last chapter and Epilogue didn’t move, and I realised I had to buckle down and get a, well, try to make a brilliant finish of the thing … after that, it’s been an intriguing odyssey. In many ways, I’ve felt a real synergy between the first… Continue reading A wrap for the first draft