In love with the magnet

I’m in love with the music, dancing about the place in my mind, on a kind of ecstatic high. I’m in love with the creativity involved in generating the Reader’s Magnet for the whole Biome NE47 series. Things came crashing together, over the past week, fortnight maybe, and the larger piece, some 11.5k words, has… Continue reading In love with the magnet

First read-through . . .

I imagine every writer has a beloved ‘first reader’ to look over their work. Not someone who’s going to offer unmitigated praise, but rather someone who can proffer some simple truths. So my first reader and I sat down, when she’d finished the 200 pages, and wondered together what was right and what was wrong… Continue reading First read-through . . .

A slight re-think

At first, I thought maybe I was just being lazy. You know, you get so far, and then you want it to be over, finito. Maybe it’s the laziness talking, trying to persuade me that the story is finished. Being that close to it, before another reader gets their mind around the concepts, the multiple… Continue reading A slight re-think

Moving into the endgame?

Having tried to work steadily along, moving from Chapter 5 into and through Chapter 6 of Prequel, I’m beginning to have that ‘endgame’ feeling. My plan has been to create an exciting Prequel to what I think of as ‘the main event,’ the novel proper. The Prequel was planned, sketched, envisioned as having seven chapters,… Continue reading Moving into the endgame?

Writing exercises

I’ve begun to treat the endless competitions that seem to come around daily these days as a kind of stimulation for the ‘real’ writing day. The ‘real’ writing is my ‘work’ while the fun is often found in smaller tasks. Micro-fictions, the tiny stories that are usually exactly 100 words, no more and no less,… Continue reading Writing exercises

Doing it all backwards

I often wonder if there really aren’t innumerable ways to create a novel, or a book series. I hope so, because I seem to be going about it in a very backwards way! The ‘main event,’ which I hope is finished, was a year in its creation, and then came the extensive editing. So far… Continue reading Doing it all backwards