What a strange life!

I snorted, as my great friend in California once said of some of my writing, snot when I read this piece in The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/jun/28/why-do-writers-need-agents-to-keep-track-of-the-rejections And I haven’t even got over the threshold into the literary agency’s offices! On the other hand, the Biome NE47 series seems to. be right in the thick of the… Continue reading What a strange life!

The paperback is ready

After a full day of finessing, the sort of day I used to think of as a normal 9-5 day, I’ve finally got a cover template and a nicely assimilated paperback version of the seventh draft of Biome NE47: A Novel up and ready to publish on the Amazon platform. I think, however, that I’ll… Continue reading The paperback is ready

The first review . . .

It feels like a day to remember: when the first independent review for any of the Biome NE47 series went up on Amazon. Naturally, I hope there will be more to come, but it’s such a simple thing, a small fillip of joy for a writer to experience. Somebody has read the ‘words wot I… Continue reading The first review . . .

The journey continues . . .

Increment by increment, inch by inch, the odyssey moves along. Today I’ve sent the main event, Biome NE47: A Novel, along to Amazon for pre-publishing. It’s live now for pre-orders, which gives me about two weeks to facilitate any final last-minute editing changes before it’s actually published. I’ve made so many changes to the original… Continue reading The journey continues . . .

Finding the right genre

What does this cover say? I’ve always felt, while writing the first two novels of this Biome NE47 series, that I was attempting to create a science fiction scenario with frank literary aspirations. That is, the characters in my books are dealing with a post-apocalyptic scenario within normal human parameters, as exemplified by their behaviour,… Continue reading Finding the right genre