Poems in the interim

That feeling of being in limbo-land, waiting for a result, is certainly ennervating. Like when, in early high school science lessons, so long ago, we each had to pith our frogs. Like a once-living frog, now pithed, I feel nothing, no sense of proprietary ownership, or excitement, about any of my three novel beginnings. Just… Continue reading Poems in the interim

The wait . . . stultified

Although the transition to the old machine seems to have been relatively painless, the real pain is the wait for results from the New Voices: New Novel competition. With three entries submitted, I’m stultified until feedback time (if any), because I really don’t have a handle on which ms would be best to pursue. Of… Continue reading The wait . . . stultified

The writing tools

You couldn’t tell, reading this, what keyboard I’m writing from. In fact, my beloved MacBookPro 13″ 2017 with the notorious butterfly keys, yeah that one, is finally going to Apple Tech Services under the extended three year warranty programme through John Lewis. I can’t deal with the unresponsive spacebar any longer! So these words are… Continue reading The writing tools

The positives . . .

So I’m learning to find the positives, since the negatives have a way of turning up just around the corner. Better to find the ray of sunshine now, then to wait and merely be drenched in the rain. I set myself, inadvertently, but still, a seemingly impossible task at the end of August. Delighted to… Continue reading The positives . . .