A big re-write for a new title

The jury’s in from Orbit-14 (Novel) writing group under the auspices of the British Science Fiction Association: Parts of Daughters in Eden may be going somewhere, but it’s going to need a lot of reconfiguration, re-jigging, re-writing and new writing before the new title sees the light of day. I’m urged to consider characterisation, especially… Continue reading A big re-write for a new title

The author’s copies

The hold-in-your-hand tangible books arrived mid-week last and I spent the next few days earnestly editing the final and resolving volume of the trilogy. Once I got stuck into it, the editing moved along at pace; all I had to do was correct with scribbled biro in the text, fold the page over where I… Continue reading The author’s copies

Uploading to Amazon/KDP

I’ve spent a significant amount of time over the past week getting the three manuscripts of the Biome NE47 series ready for both eBook and paperback presentation . . . but I’m getting slightly ahead of myself, out of sequence a bit. I had the ms of Daughters of Eden finished and printed out before… Continue reading Uploading to Amazon/KDP

6k=6 scenes to go

`Last time I did an update on my writing odyssey, with special reference to Biome NE47: Daughters of Eden, I was at 60k+ words, or two-thirds of the way through to the standard 90k word novel. That was less than a month ago! So I’ve written nearly 30k in the interval, since I’m now at… Continue reading 6k=6 scenes to go

Past two-thirds on III

Just to note a significant milestone: the third volume of my sci-cli-fi trilogy, Biome NE47: Daughters of Eden, has reached the 60+k mark, and things are coming together for the characters and the story. If I manage to keep things going as I hope, I shall reach 90k by about the 25th of March. Already… Continue reading Past two-thirds on III

Getting seen

For a writer, just getting seen, or read as it were, is pretty much de rigeur, although writing in a vacuum has its advantages too. But I think most writers have some sort of an audience in mind, whether it’s their younger (or older!) selves, family, friends, community members, or a wider catchment. I feel… Continue reading Getting seen

Roads To Joy

Following on from my thoughts on consolidation, and considering the things that I know about, I’ve decided to launch a new blog. The idea is that this new blog, exploring a personal quest for happiness, might present some of the more general interest facets of my previous and ongoing online writing efforts from: AllendaleDiary.org, BiomeNE47,.com,… Continue reading Roads To Joy