The writing tools

You couldn’t tell, reading this, what keyboard I’m writing from. In fact, my beloved MacBookPro 13″ 2017 with the notorious butterfly keys, yeah that one, is finally going to Apple Tech Services under the extended three year warranty programme through John Lewis. I can’t deal with the unresponsive spacebar any longer! So these words are… Continue reading The writing tools

The positives . . .

So I’m learning to find the positives, since the negatives have a way of turning up just around the corner. Better to find the ray of sunshine now, then to wait and merely be drenched in the rain. I set myself, inadvertently, but still, a seemingly impossible task at the end of August. Delighted to… Continue reading The positives . . .

New term, new writing challenges . . .

It seems, though it isn’t so, that I’ve been languishing all summer long, searching for writing challenges, making do with compiling earlier work, re-configuring for eBook presentation, that sort of thing. But very little actual creativity, except for one story for a competition, as I may have mentioned. And I know, already, that that effort… Continue reading New term, new writing challenges . . .

For most of us, success is a distant dream . . .

Yesterday, I think it was, BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour had a little feature correspondence from a lovely person who categorised herself as kind of ‘normal, average.’ No thrilling success story, just regular muddling through life. ‘Just the once,’ she implored, ‘Just one salient piece about those of us who quietly persevere, who persist through… Continue reading For most of us, success is a distant dream . . .

‘How was your summer?’

I think this sort of pleasantry, at the beginning of any academic year, is of the same ilk as the daily ‘How’s it going?’ A greeting for which the only reply expected is ‘Fine thanks, how was yours?’ Nobody really wants to hear what the summer holidays were like for anybody else, not really. Fortunately… Continue reading ‘How was your summer?’

Speaking of banging your head against the wall…

Sometimes it feels like just continued pounding away. Creativity is wonderful when the merest hint of received delight is forthcoming, but it’s, well, it’s somehow excoriating to put things out and get nothing back. This image seems like the last thing I’ve done that has elicited any kind of feedback, and that was way back… Continue reading Speaking of banging your head against the wall…

Critical analysis and author receptivity

Before I began on this fiction lark, some two years ago with a week’s Writer’s Retreat as part of the Arvon Trust, I was not particularly receptive to critical assessment. But the kind interventions of two experienced authors there, Rajeev Balasubramanyam and Diana Evans, showed me quite clearly how listening and learning, and putting into… Continue reading Critical analysis and author receptivity