In love with the magnet

I’m in love with the music, dancing about the place in my mind, on a kind of ecstatic high. I’m in love with the creativity involved in generating the Reader’s Magnet for the whole Biome NE47 series.

Things came crashing together, over the past week, fortnight maybe, and the larger piece, some 11.5k words, has been born. You know that creative high, the kind where you’re in love with the words that have come out, that are really there, there on the page in front of you, where it was just blank before.

I’m so much better in my creative self than I am working with that old devil ‘editing self.’ So that’s why early readers are so important, since they bring a more measured eye to the work, perhaps because they’re not in love with it, like me.

So I’m going to send my magnet, my love, my little creation that has come out of nothing more than wondering about the characters who’ve developed throughout Prequel, what some of their backstories might involve, where they’ve come from . . . I’m going to get this into the hands of our writing group, hoping they’ll indulge me, forgive my burgeoning love for the piece, accommodate my indulgences and offer a sensible head to quell my trembling heart.

My question of them is very simple, really: Does this piece serve its purpose? Would you, having read it, want to read more? If it doesn’t do that, it’s not worked.

So that’s where my heart will be, over the next fortnight, as I work to finish up Prequel, to resolve those issues and bring the effort to a satisfactory conclusion, a stand-alone novel but also one that itself must also act as a bridge, a connection to the next book in the series, which is where I actually started.

Man, this fiction writing lark is a longer odyssey than I figured on, back in the summer of 2019! Against this, the daily effort involved in completing the Allendale Diary seems like a dawdle!

By Larry Winger

Retired scientist, devoted diarist (, community-minded aspirant novelist, I've lived on a smallholding in the East Allen Valley for the past 30 years, delighting in watching our family grow up, in experiencing the development of our grandsons, and in taking care of our small flock of chickens and garden.

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