The BSFA and Orbit Writing Groups

I’ve joined the BSFA and become part of the Orbit writing group community

It might have been a better idea to have joined the British Science Fiction Association rather earlier in my sci-fi novel odyssey, but I didn’t know about the writing groups when I started. I only discovered them in about June when I was casting about for a possible review, and found the BSFA Review quarterly.

My pitch to the Review has languished, eliciting no interest from the review panel, but I have managed to become a member, after a six week wait, of the new Orbit-14 (novel) writing group. The groups are quite small, deliberately, so that would-be science fiction and fantasy writers can pursue their interest in an accessible milieu.

I’m hoping to gain a better ‘pitch approach’ or enhance my own writing capacity, whether or not I decide to pursue any further sci-fi adventures. Just now I’m feeling like I’ve achieved the goals I set out with, at the beginning of this odyssey (circa mid-2019) and have basically put my little trilogy to bed. But perhaps I can exert a kind of creative discipline again and refresh my approach, particularly with the last volume, my dear Daughters in Eden, so that it’s a new, stand-alone volume that might pique the interest of agents or publishers down the road.

We shall see what transpires from our enthusiastic group.

By Larry Winger

Retired scientist, devoted diarist (, community-minded aspirant novelist, I've lived on a smallholding in the East Allen Valley for the past 30 years, delighting in watching our family grow up, in experiencing the development of our grandsons, and in taking care of our small flock of chickens and garden.

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