New term, new writing challenges . . .

It seems, though it isn’t so, that I’ve been languishing all summer long, searching for writing challenges, making do with compiling earlier work, re-configuring for eBook presentation, that sort of thing. But very little actual creativity, except for one story for a competition, as I may have mentioned. And I know, already, that that effort won’t get me very far, at least, not in terms of the purpose for which it was created.

But ideas sometimes have an after-life, or a different life from their creator’s original intention. So I’ll just park the story for a little and let things percolate, I think. Meanwhile, it’s only a few days until writing group re-commences, and new challenges will be proffered. I wonder how the new group will be configured? Some new writers, perhaps, who can accommodate the Zoom sessions, along with others who’ve been part of the ‘real group’ as in actual presence in a shared space.

And in a parallel meanwhile, I shall continue to persevere with Sequel, for which the plot is shaping up better, tighter, with a more focussed purpose than heretofore I hope. All in good time though — there’s another week before the 1st week of September kicks off in earnest, after all.

I’m looking conscientiously at a proposed writing schedule between now and the 1st week of November, about which more as time goes on. Essentially, as per normal, my writing target is 1000 words a day, for a 5k working week. In so many ways, I can’t wait to get stuck in! But there are a few other domestic items to accomplish, not least of which is the re-cloaking of the polytunnel, ostensibly scheduled for today, and the replacement of the bathroom sink, which should take place during this coming week, the last of the summer to my way of thinking.

And then, whew! Back to ‘work’ again for the weary labourer. Maybe in my new sitting-around indolence, then, I shall put on a few pounds. Happy days.

By Larry Winger

Retired scientist, devoted diarist (, community-minded aspirant novelist, I've lived on a smallholding in the East Allen Valley for the past 30 years, delighting in watching our family grow up, in experiencing the development of our grandsons, and in taking care of our small flock of chickens and garden.

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